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We’re a full-service creative agency with a timeline of experience under our belts. We believe that traditional marketing isn’t dead, but we also believe in fresh ideas, breaking outside the box, and staying one step ahead of what’s trending.
Our mission is to provide clients with innovative and personalized marketing solutions, high quality services, and a hard working team to guide them every step of the way. We work best when we get to know and understand you. Once we have a grasp on who you are and where you’ve been, we’re better equipped to get you where you want to go.

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brand development​

brand development

From creation, to development, to positioning, we help you convey who you are to the people who matter most.

marketing and strategy

marketing and strategy

When it comes to business success, what you say, how you say it, and where you say it are critical factors. Working with your team, we'll employ carefully crafted strategies that engage and motivate your audience.

photography and videography

photography and videography

Whether you need product images or a full video shoot with model, our experts will capture the essence and quality of your brand. Additionally, our styling, retouching, and 360-degree photography abilities ensure your brand looks better than the rest.

social media

social media

Connecting digitally with your target market is more important than ever. Our team will help you harness the power of social media to increase your brand awareness, engage with consumers, and drive sales.



“A picture is worth a 1,000 words.” It’s an adage our team adheres to. We’ll make your collateral visually appealing, and create compelling visuals that speak so articulately to your brand, you can forego the copy.

web and app development

web and app development

Our team will design and develop a website that meets your goals, promotes your brand, and drives success. And we’ll create custom applications to put you in front of your rapidly growing mobile audiences.

quality visuals

Product Photography

product photography

Click Click Boom: Professional product photography strengthens brand identity and promotes sales. View our portfolio of product images ...

product videos

Professional product videos build trust about product quality, minimize uncertainty, and educate consumers. View our portfolio of product videos ...

model videos

Strike a Pose: Consumers prefer videos over any other type of brand content. Check out our portfolio of model videos ...

case studies

The Edge

The Edge

The Edge Developing an omnichannel marketing campaign for the jewelry industry’s leading total solution software. The Edge is a leading point-of-sale software used by...

Kelly Waters

Kelly Waters

Kelly Waters Accessorizing for the Perfect Social Media Campaign: Increasing Sales and Expanding Social Reach. A Stylish New Collection In spring 2018, Kelly Waters,...

Victor Header

Victor Social When You Sell Program

Victor Corporation Social When You Sell Program Making Spirits Bright: The Power of Social Media Drives Holiday Sales for a Jewelry Manufacture and Its...

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“Harmon created the program and executed it based on individual store preferences. The attention to detail and follow-through led to success, which was no surprise to us: we have turned to Harmon for nearly 30 years for marketing ideas and support. They just know how this industry works.”

John Youkilis

Victor Corporation

“I love working with the Harmon team. They have helped us get our message across like we had not been able to before. All point of sale software is not alike, and Harmon has taken the time to understand our product before developing a marketing strategy. They listen to us, and the leads produced by their ads have led to better qualified candidates for our solution. We have a predetermined sales goal each year which includes eleven trade shows. I’m pleased to report that we are on track to meet our 2019-2020 sales projections without the boost the trade shows provide.

I’m very happy with the Harmon team and the quality of work they produce. They are sincerely interested in our success and continually demonstrate that.”

Dick Abbott

President of Abbott Jewelry Systems and The Edge

“Partnering with Harmon greatly increased our sales in a short period of time. Our dedicated creative team and account executive have been wonderful.”

Kevin Ferrell

Co-owner of Saxon’s Diamond Centers

“Harmon has been instrumental in updating and maintaining our social media platform. They have a streamlined process for our jewelry store, and have made it easy for us to have a continuously updated Facebook and Instagram page which features new and customized products. We love the ideas they’ve come up with; they have all the right stuff to keep our business current with today’s economy as it relates to social media.”

Scott Harwin

Bryant & Sons