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You Don't Need a Marketing Firm - You Need a Partner

You need someone who knows you well enough to finish your sentences when it comes to your brand. This is because marketing is personal—it has to be. Otherwise you end up looking and sounding like everyone else. At the Harmon Group, getting to know and truly understand our partners is our primary objective. Once we have a good handle on who you are and where you’ve been, we’re better equipped to help you get to where you want to go.

  • “Harmon Group has consistently provided us with top-notch marketing solutions. From print to web, Harmon has us covered.”
    Brian Hadfield, FSi
  • “Harmon has been an incredible addition to our sales and marketing team. We have been so impressed by the amount of work that has been produced this past year. Clinical Solutions has landed 6 accounts in the past 4 months due to the aid of Harmon and their proposal/RFP collaboration and brochure content. One of the reasons we enjoy working with Harmon is due to the ability to have at your fingertips an array of different talented marketing folks. Whether it be from brochure writing, RFP creation templates, or web design.”
    Christi Throneberry, CEO Clinical Solutions
  • “Harmon Group is an invaluable resource that we turn to whenever we have any marketing or advertising needs.”
    Pat Stella, Owner and President FireSprinkler, LLC
  • “What I love about working with Harmon is that they get the concept right away.”
    Phyllis Bergman, CEO Mercury Ring
  • “Harmon Group makes a pointed effort to comprehend the ever-fragmenting world of marketing and advertising. They not only deliver quality products, they have a deep understanding of how to effectively dissect and utilize all media. First class professionals delivering powerful results every time.”
    Terry W. Chandler, President/CEO Diamond Council of America
  • “These guys aren’t just our marketing and advertising agency. They do it all! Anyone can create a brochure or website, but the Harmon Group excels at solving problems and creating smart marketing solutions.”
    Clay Stacker, Owner and President Southland Constructors