2020’s Surprise Marketing Powerhouse: How You Can Create A Catalog That Converts

Many of us have had to completely rethink our marketing strategies this year. We’ve all had to find innovative ways to reach customers at home, and new ways to coax them back into stores. Now, it’s time to finalize plans for the fourth quarter and the holidays. This year is going to be different. Customers are more cautious and thoughtful about where and how they spend their money. So consider a more thoughtful type of marketing—the catalog. 

Catalogs in the Time of Covid. You might assume that catalogs are trashed in five minutes. But according to the U.S. Postal Service, the average length of time a household keeps a catalog is 20.3 days. That’s longer than most emails survive an inbox. And right now, they cater perfectly to your customers. 

Storytelling and Entertainment: With their mix of stunning visuals and copy, catalogs keep recipients engaged. And people are ready to be entertained by their mail. In the past few months, many have acquired leisurely-paced hobbies like gardening and jigsaw puzzles, and are more receptive to like reading catalog articles or studying product pages. Certain formats are especially ideal for storytelling, like magalogs. A mix of magazine and catalog, they can include your brand history, a story about jewelry trends, or even an article of local or global interest. And digital catalogs include a unique storytelling format too—video. 

A Comfortable Shopping Experience: Though people are venturing out, some remain home. When they do go out, they’re often wearing masks, which doesn’t make for a pleasant shopping experience. Catalogs allow customers to shop comfortably at home. They can purchase over the phone or online and pick-up in-store, or find products that they like ahead of time, and walk in with that knowledge in hand. 

Special Offers: Right now, consumers are considering every dollar they spend. Catalogs are the perfect double marketing opportunity. Include a special discount or coupon in your print catalog, or include a special code if your catalog is digital. 

You’ve Got (Print) Mail. Ready for this? Millennials enjoy receiving direct mail, and are more likely than baby boomers to visit a store (or a store’s website) based on catalog mailings. Don’t be too shocked. For some consumers in the 24-39 age range, shopping via a physical catalog carries a certain nostalgia factor. Who doesn’t remember circling gift choices in the Sears Wish Book? And all generations occasionally prefer to put down technology and page through a physical book instead of clicking through email offers.If you’re worried about your budget, know that you don’t have to print and mail an elaborate book. There are a multitude of catalog formats, from minis to micros (think of a bi- or tri-fold piece) that allow you to share your brand’s story, personality, and product selection at a reasonable cost. 

Let’s Get Digital. Of course, catalogs have evolved into the digital realm. And for those customers who like to scroll and tap, providing them with an option is a smart move. With digital catalogs, customers can add items to their wishlist or shopping cart immediately, or easily show loved ones something they like. One of the biggest benefits is that they can include videos (think models wearing jewelry, a jeweler working on custom product, or someone talking about the store’s history). A digital catalog can also work in conjunction with your other digital platforms. Send out an email to your customer list, and link it to the catalog. Advertise on social media, and drive traffic directly to your catalog. 

Harmon Catalog has been producing catalogs for the jewelry industry for over 30 years. From product photography to engaging copywriting, we know how to create catalogs that drive traffic. If you’re interested in a print or digital catalog, reach out to us. 

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