3 Essentials for Direct Mail Success

Did you know that direct mail is still one of the best ways to get your message directly in the hands of customers? Here are 3 essentials to ensure your direct mail campaigns are a success! 

1. A Compelling Call-To-Action 

Want customers to show interest in the event invitation or product catalog you’ve sent them? Give them a reason to attend the event or visit your website via an incentive. Whether it’s an offer with purchase, a discount, a free consultation, or an enter-to-win contest, a call-to-action instantly makes your direct mail campaign more valuable and lucrative. 

2. A Strong Mailing List 

The best list can pull a response 10 times more than the worst list for the identical mailing piece. A bad list can waste your money. The best list available to you is your “house” list — a list of customers and prospects who previously bought from you or responded to your ads, public relations campaign, or other mailings. Make sure you’re capturing customer names whenever possible. When renting outside lists, get your marketing agency involved early! 

3. A Quick Follow Up

You can send the most engaging catalog or postcard to customers. But if you don’t follow up after sending it, hot leads turn ice cold. Call after sending a product guide to ensure customers received it. Send an email to your list and include your call-to-action–it might just jog some memories. 

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