3 Questions to Answer to Ensure Brand Authenticity

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In this day and age, we hear many of the same marketing messages over and over again. Any of these ring a bell?

  • “Number one in customer service.”
  • “The highest quality at the lowest prices.”
  • “We will not be undersold.”

Consumers know how hard it is to back up such statements with facts and they hear these propositions so frequently that it simply becomes white noise. As a result, these “positive” marketing messages are often doing more to injure and obscure brands than to build and promote them. The messages themselves are not “bad” but they highlight one of the most important aspects of properly building a brand—authenticity.

Effectively marketing your company is not about fabricating a unique selling proposition. It is about emphasizing what makes your company unique and explaining why that should matter to your audience.

It’s about being authentic.

Before launching a marketing campaign, consider these five questions and allow them to inform the process and messaging.

  1. Is what I am communicating of value and unique to our firm?
  2. Is my firm’s claim demonstrably true?
  3. If I placed this campaign next to the campaigns of my competitors, why would people choose my firm?

As you prepare for any marketing campaign, the answers to each of these questions will let you know whether or not your messaging is authentic and beneficial to your brand.

At Harmon Group, we thrive on creating authentic branding messages. If you would like to learn more about marketing your brand authentically, let’s talk!

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