3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Facebook and Instagram

  1. Reach a broader audience by positioning yourself on the top two social networks. Utilizing both Facebook and Instagram can be very effective in reaching your targeted audience. Instagram has become extremely popular with millennials and has proven to be a must-use marketing tool for 2018. Facebook is popular among all demographics, but most of its users fall into Generation X.
  2. Improve your search rankings and reach. When someone is searching via mobile for a business nearby, there is a large chance they will visit your Facebook or Instagram page. It’s best to have a presence on both platforms so you don’t miss out on a potential sale/customer! Your visibility improves even more if you choose to advertise.
  3. It’s easy to post simultaneously to both platforms since Facebook owns Instagram. You can also easily share content between the two platforms. However, don’t forget to tailor your content to your audience! Instagram primarily focuses on pictures and content, while Facebook focuses on building relationships to engage consumers and having them interact.

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