3 Reasons You Need a Content Strategy

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When you conduct any search on the Web, it is content that is driving those results. The same is true of every interaction in social media and so many other advertising media—content is king.

James Keady, Digital Marketing Manager, McLaren Automotive
recently stated:

Content is the voice of your brand and it is therefore important to allocate the respect, investment and focus it requires. Creating great content is difficult and delivering great content consistently through established processes is complex. However this is what is required if you want to take your brand from good to great in today’s communication environment.

Since content is so important to your company’s marketing, having a content strategy will help you make the most of the time, effort, and investment you need to make to maintain high levels of quality content generation.

Here are just a few reasons you need a content strategy.

Content can be Repurposed
A content strategy dictates what content will be created but it also maximizes content along the way. For example, a case study could become a blog post, which has the content for multiple tweets as well as a few images for Pinterest. That’s maximizing your content strategically.

Content is the New Black
According to a recent survey conducted by Econsultancy, 90% of marketers believe that content marketing is only going to become more important in 2013.

Content Takes Work
If you don’t have a strategy you are less likely to reach your goals. This becomes exponentially true if your goals are lofty. And let’s face it, generating and leveraging high quality content is no easy task. Strategy matters.

Consistent content generation is a mindset and it can be difficult to switch into that “mode.” But if you develop an internal culture that is always thinking about ways to capture and maximize content, every individual in your organization becomes a content strategist.

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