3 Reasons You Need a Social Media Manager

  1. Content Creation – When it comes to the content you post on your social media, you want to make sure it has everything needed to gain the right attention. It should be high quality, and engage your target market. Social Media Managers specialize in ensuring that all of your content fits well within your brand and vision, and gets the necessary results.
  2. Consistency – This is the most important aspect of your business’s social media. People want to know what’s happening with your business now, and on a regular basis. Posting that high quality content consistently can easily help your business acquire fans and followers.
  3. Advertising – Social media networks have become very saturated in recent years. This is great, because more people are exposed to your business via social media, but it’s caused media space to become a hot commodity. This has forced many businesses to advertise on social media; however, most people have no idea where to start, and make many mistakes that lose them money. The infographic below shows just how broad your target audience for just a single Facebook ad can be–it’s extremely overwhelming.

Social Media Manager to the Rescue – When you work with Harmon to organize your social strategies, you can expect a full content calendar with post dates, content, copy images, and more. We’ll also perform all of the preliminary research to ensure that we’re hitting the target audiences in your market, provide guidance and strategy advice, create and implement paid social advertising budgets and campaigns based on best practices, and provide you with quarterly performance analytics reports.

It’s time to take charge of your social media. We’re here to help.

If you want to know more about what we can do for your brand or business, contact us.