3 Steps to a Better Press Release

Press releases are an essential part of your marketing strategy. They keep your industry informed as to what is happening with your company. A great press release is sometimes the first step in further coverage about your company, leading to more overall visibility of your brand. Below are three steps to help you produce a better press release.

Be Concise: Press releases should be short, engaging, and to the point. If you make your release too long, the likelihood of it getting picked up by a publication decreases. A press release should be one page, two pages at most. Remember to get to the main points in your first paragraph. This allows readers to quickly understand what your release is about and increases the likelihood that journalists will take the time to read the entire document before deciding whether or not to publish it.

Be Newsworthy: The purpose of a press release is to share newsworthy items. If your release is not about something newsworthy, it will not get picked up. If your brand continues to send out press releases with non-newsworthy topics, publications will begin to consider you as a spammer and will be leery of picking up a release from you. Before sending out your press release, think to yourself: is this something I would want to know if I weren’t a part of this company? If the answer is yes, go ahead and send it. If the answer is no, rethink your press release topic.

Stand Out: Finally, make sure your press release stands out from the rest. Grab the attention of the editor with a headline that is as engaging as it is accurate. This will help pull in the journalist and increase the chances of your release being published. A strong headline is just as important as enticing body copy.

When writing your next press release, try to include hard numbers or quotations where appropriate. This will help give validity to your release. Also, remember to include your contact information so journalists have a way to get in touch if they want to further cover your story.

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