3 Steps to a Better Tagline

A tagline is an integral first step of brand building. A strong tagline will convey the benefits of your business and deliver the core message of your brand. Successful taglines connect with your audience on an emotional level. We have outlined three steps to help you create a better tagline.

Do research: Research what your competitors are using as their taglines to gain an idea of what is and is not successful in your marketplace. Doing research before jumping into writing your tagline will also help you see how you can differentiate your brand from others.

Brainstorm: Take the time to brainstorm key words or phrases that represent your brand and put them on a whiteboard. A brainstorming session is a great way to get all of your ideas out on the table and to visualize how your tagline can come together.

Get to the point: Taglines should be clear, concise, and to the point. Use a short phrase or even a few key words that strongly represent your brand and your brand’s message.

Developing a memorable tagline will help your brand stand out from its competitors while communicating your brand message quickly and clearly to potential consumers.

Still having trouble developing a tagline for your brand? The Harmon Group is here to help. Our team of experienced copywriters can create the perfect tagline for your company. Contact us today to get started.

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