3 Steps to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media

Social media platforms have created a unique public forum for consumers to quickly spread their opinions and experiences with brands across the web for other consumers to read. And while social media can serve as a great tool to build brand loyalty and to foster customer relationships, it can also serve as a platform for consumer criticism. In some cases, negative comments on social media are inevitable. While every case is different, we have outlined 3 simple steps to take to neutralize disgruntled customers on social media platforms:

Acknowledge Quickly: Speed is essential when dealing with an unhappy customer through social media. Taking too long to acknowledge and respond to a negative comment can imply to the customer that your brand does not care about what they have to say. Monitor your comments on a regular basis throughout the day to ensure every comment (good and bad) is responded to in a timely manner. This will show your fans that your brand cares about what they have to say and values them as a customer.

Move to the Appropriate Forum: Once you have responded to the comment, move the conversation to the appropriate forum. Whether that is on the phone, through email, or through another customer service forum, moving your communications takes the conversation out of the spotlight of a public social media platform and allows you to quickly resolve the issue.

Take Action: Finally, take action. Sometimes a sincere apology will satisfy the customer. However, if the problem is a product failure, a refund or product replacement may be the best solution. Look at the situation from the customer’s point of view and take the necessary actions to solve the problem.

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