3 Steps to Improve Your Social Media Engagement––And Make More Sales

Covid changed our social media habits. To be safe, we had to be apart, and social media brought people together for shared experiences. People used it as a creative outlet, to share about their mental health, to escape reality, and to shop online. And now, even with people going out again, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok are all still firmly embedded in our lives.

 The question is, ‘What is it about the things you post that gets people interested?’ There are a lot of ways to get reactions, but only a few ways to get the positive reactions needed to turn scrollers into customers! 

  1. Create Content: The keyword here is ‘create.’ It’s a pretty normal practice nowadays for people to re-use someone else’s original content. This isn’t always a bad thing, but in most cases creating your own content is necessary to connect with your customers. Videos that feature products in your showcase and that are paired with engaging copy are going to be appealing from your audience.
  2. Post Consistently: Find what works for your business model. Posting consistently doesn’t mean that every post has to be gauged towards selling. Content marketing is one of those things that catches the eye, but doesn’t say ‘BUY ME’. People love to buy things, but don’t necessarily want to be sold to. The trick is to find a mix of different types of content for best results. For instance, people like to be informed about birthstones or the different Cs of diamond buying. 
  3. Spend the Time: Social Media is meant to be a social platform. Interaction is necessary to be social. Would you go to a social gathering and just watch people? If your answer is no, then it’s just as important to interact with your audience on social media. Take 30 mins to an hour a few times a week and respond to your comments, like content, comment, and share. This small amount of time will instantly boost engagement and have others see and interact with your posts. It’s also important to reply to messages as soon as possible. This can help you gain a customer or make a sale, and it’s best practice in general. 


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