3 Steps to More Effective Proofreading

Every day, both you and members of your company have to use proofreading skills to review emails, reports, brochures, blogs or any number of other content-based materials being created and distributed. Getting your document free of mistakes is essential. Follow these three steps to ensure your proofreading skills catch all necessary edits before it is too late.

1. Put it on paper

We read differently on screen than on paper. Print out a copy of your document to get a fresh view of what you are proofreading. You may even try reading it aloud, as sometimes our ears catch things our eyes have missed.

2. Read it backwards

Our eyes sometimes automatically finish the sentences we see in our heads, allowing us to miss something. To avoid this, read your document backwards. This lets you to carefully proof every line without the chance of your eyes playing tricks on you.

3. Get at least three sets of eyes on your document

People miss things. Even two people may miss the same thing in a document. A good rule of thumb is to have at least three other people proofread the same document before you send it out.

People make assumptions every day about the professionalism and credibility of organizations based on how they use content to communicate. So spend the extra time to get it right and follow these three steps to make your proofreading more effective.

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