3 Techniques to Become a Better Salesperson

Selling is about knowing your products and services and applying their benefits to the needs of customers. But what makes a great salesperson? The following techniques are three ways to improve your selling tactics:

1. Practice Active Listening
Listening is the best way to demonstrate to your customer that you really care about their needs. Stop what you are doing to show them you are taking the time to understand what they are looking for specifically. Utilize eye contact and your body language to acknowledge they are speaking and to show you are engaged in the conversation. Take the time to ask probing questions to further understand the customer’s needs, acknowledge their talking points and give feedback. Active listening proves to the customer you are not just interested in a sale. It also helps foster ongoing relationships, which translates into repeat business.

2. Never Assume
Every situation with a customer is unique. Whether it is an established client or a new prospect, each sales situation is distinct from others. Hear people out to avoid alienating them before they have a chance to fully outline their needs. Allow the customer to finish their thoughts before interjecting and remember to never interrupt! Allowing the customer to finish before replying allows you to receive a full description of what they are looking for, helping you to better fulfill their needs.

3. Have Passion
Passion is important for every salesperson, but especially new ones. It has been called the “great equalizer” for its ability to overshadow lack of experience or knowledge. Your potential customer interprets passion as confidence in yourself, your product, and your mission. It is an effective sales tool because it displays your authenticity and willingness to help the customer to the best of your ability. People who feel you genuinely care about them and their specific needs will become return customers.

There are many things that can make a great salesperson. Taking advantage of these techniques will help you stand out amongst the crowd and improve your selling tactics.

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