3 Tips to Boost Creativity and Drive Sales

Creativity is an essential component of any marketing strategy. Higher creativity leads to greater innovation and more overall success. Everyday our team at Harmon is challenged to develop new, exciting and effective ideas. Ideas that sell. Below are just a few ways we get our creative juices flowing:

Brainstorm: Brainstorming sessions provide the perfect environment to foster creativity, allowing people to bounce ideas off each other to develop more unique and innovative ideas.

Look to outside industries: While we do not ignore our clients’ industries when drawing inspiration for new campaigns, looking within is not enough. We look to other industries to identify current trends, gaining inspiration to incorporate relevant tactics into our clients’ campaigns.

Visualize: 90 percent of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. Outlining our creative ideas to develop eye-catching visuals allows our clients to capture their audience faster and keep them engaged longer.

In today’s cluttered ad world, it is vital for brands to have creative and innovative messages that stand out from the rest of the advertising noise. Our team at Harmon strives to think outside the box when embarking on a new project. We know how important creativity is, and we have the tools and experience to develop campaigns that drive sales.

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