3 Tips to Improve your Email Marketing for the Holiday Season

Email marketing campaigns are an important vehicle to reach new and existing customers, especially during the holiday season. A well thought out holiday email can result in top of mind awareness for your brand and higher holiday sales. Below are 3 tips to help improve your email marketing strategy this holiday season.

Create fun, holiday-themed subject lines: Creating unique holiday-centric subject lines will grab the attention of your audience and lead to higher open rates. Remember to treat the subject line of your email campaign as a title: capitalize words where necessary and keep it short and to the point to create the most impact.

Segment your email lists: Segment your email lists to target specific groups around different holidays. This will allow you to make your emails more personalized towards individual customers. Highly targeted emails also have higher open rates.

Stay consistent: Be playful and creative with your holiday campaign but don’t stray too much from whom you truly are. Keep your brand image and message consistent.

Utilize the tips above in your email marketing campaigns to help increase your holiday conversion rates. Still having trouble fine-tuning your email marketing strategy for the holiday season? The Harmon Group is here to help. Contact us today to get started.

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