It’s 2017, and email marketing is still a top distribution channel for marketers in the retail space. It’s no question that a careful email marketing plan should be part of a business’s overall strategy, but with email open rates declining rapidly due to shorter and more selective attention spans, how do you captivate an audience with your emails?

Invesp reports that 47% of all email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. That means you have about 5-10 words that must grab your recipient’s attention in order to get a click. Sounds easy — but how can marketers become subject line copy wizards?

1. Personalization
Campaign Monitor reports that consumers are 26% more likely to open an email if it is tailored to their interests. This may mean using a customer’s first name in the subject line or using lead generation data to find out what your customers are interested in and if they relate to your message. Refining your target by segmenting your email lists could make your open rates soar.

2. Offer
Everyone loves a good deal or incentive that will drive them to click on your email. If a product or service offering lies within your email, make it known! “Here’s 30% off just for you!” warrants a click more-so than a hidden message such as “Save big on women’s apparel!” “Free” sells easily, and they will want to see what’s inside.

3. Keep it simple, stupid
The KISS acronym you may remember from school still holds true in the email world. As previously stated, your recipient has only a few words to surmise the content of your email, so be clear and concise with your messaging. Take the guesswork out of your sell with give or take seven words to make a statement.

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