If you don’t already know, outbound marketing, also known as interruption marketing, focuses on getting a company’s message to as many people as possible. Some outbound marketing methods include television and radio commercials, direct mail, and cold calling. These methods have proven to be less effective over the past few decades. In fact, 45% of non-impressive direct mail never gets opened and 200 million people are on the national Do Not Call Registry.

While softer methods of outbound marketing can still be successful, companies must continuously find new strategies to attract potential customers. Inbound marketing focuses on pulling the right audience in through relevant content. By utilizing inbound marketing methods, companies can save money and time in their efforts to increase sales. Here are three inbound marketing methods that can help your company succeed.

1. An Outstanding Website
HubSpot makes a good analogy when speaking on inbound vs. outbound marketing. Instead of going out into the wild searching for animals (potential customers) to hunt, make your website the watering hole that will draw the animals in. Your website should be an information epicenter for anything and everything your target audience will want or need to know about your company. This will allow your audience to find you on the Internet instead of blindly searching for your audience through widespread outbound marketing methods.

2. Broadcast Your Solution
Once potential customers are lured in by your website, it is important to make your solution known. Why should customers buy your product or service? Broadcast the reason your company will make their life better or easier. This way, your company is providing value to the customer as opposed to interrupting their lives with an intrusive ad that they will more than likely ignore.

3. Be Active on Social Media
Along with making your solution known on your website, staying active with a company blog and on social media can increase your customer base. In fact, 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog. Inbound marketing works because it makes communication a two-way street. Customers are excited to be involved in the discussion of your company.

Not only are inbound marketing methods more successful than outbound marketing methods in terms of bringing in customers, but inbound marketing is more cost effective as well. In fact, inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing. Here at Harmon Group, we have marketing experts who can upgrade your initiatives to better fit this new and effective strategy. Contact us today.

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