3 Ways to Get Your Emails Noticed

Email marketing is an effective marketing tool to communicate specific messages to your target audience. Used effectively, email marketing can foster brand relationships, build brand loyalty, and increase brand awareness. However, sending out emails that are never opened will have no impact. Below are three ways to help get your emails noticed, leading to higher open rates.

Personalize: Take advantage of your email database and use first names in your emails if you have them. Putting a customer’s name in the subject line or tailoring the information within the email to appeal to individual consumers fosters trust, leading to higher open rates.

Develop attention-grabbing subject lines: Create attention-grabbing subject lines that are enticing enough to encourage your audience to take action and open your email. Make sure your subject lines are clear about the subject of the email but still interesting. Avoid creating subject lines that sound like spam or your emails may never make it to your audience’s inbox.

Test: Before sending your emails out, test them. Sending out a test message will allow you to make sure the email is displaying correctly and that there are no hidden errors in the body copy. Taking this extra step will ensure your emails display correctly when your audience opens them every time.

Take advantage of these three tips to help get your emails noticed and opened by your audience on a regular basis.

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