3 Ways to Make Sure You Have a Social Presence

  1. Start – If you are still waiting for a sign to start your social media, you’re too late. Over 88% of businesses use some sort of social media (Source: Emarketer.com). Staying in touch with your audience can be easy. Social media has created that bridge, now it’s your choice to close the gap.
  2. Learn – Read up on social media. Make sure that you are using the right platform to target the right people. If you are trying to reach millennials using only Facebook you might have a problem. If you are trying to reach Generation X using Instagram, you won’t get the results you want. Do your research and use what you’ve learned.
  3. Grow – The next step after getting started is growth. Posting relevant, timely, and eye-catching content is the key. Some businesses grow faster than others because of the business type, but all companies that are interested in growth can attain that and more using social media. This can get complicated as you start to grow more, but that is a good problem to have.

Facebook is currently the largest social network with around 2 billion daily users. That is roughly a quarter of the world population. The old days of word-of-mouth being the personal touch has been replaced by reviews, followers, and likes.

Harmon is a full service advertising agency that has a social initiative to help clients attain their social goals. If you run into trouble on part two or three, feel free to let us take it from there.

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