3 Ways Your Brand can be More Human

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It’s important, for several reasons, for businesses to learn how to humanize their brand. Making a brand more human can be accomplished in many ways; for example, word of mouth, customer service interactions, advertising, personal exchange, or a recommendation from a friend or colleague.

The fact is that humans relate to other humans on a much grander scale than they do to the cold face of a company or institution. To make customer experiences more human is to know how to connect with the customer on a much more relational and emotional level.

Employees and Values
Start humanizing your brand by reaching out to the core of your
business first, your employees. Their faces, their reactions, their values, these are all human elements. Encourage each of your employees to interact with customers, finding a common ground that somehow brings the two together.

Also encourage your employees to share their positive work experiences with their friends and family, their social networks, etc. The next time one of their friends needs a product that your company sells, perhaps the positive feedback they’ve heard will make your business come to their mind first.

Interactions and Behavior
Another way to humanize your brand is through reciprocity. Humans are hardwired for reciprocity almost like it’s a reflex. “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine” is a typical mindset in the business world. If you show an interest in others then they are more inclined to show an interest in you.

Another important characteristic is our innate sense of fairness. As humans, it is often normal for someone to feel justified in trying to punish someone whom they think has been unfair to them. In order to avoid bad publicity, it is always important to treat your employees and your customers with respect and loyalty, and in the fairest manner possible, regardless of the situation.

Understanding Cultures
In today’s society, it’s important to really understand your market and your target audience. Knowing the market itself, such as the facts and figures, isn’t enough. You should also take the time to get more socially involved in order to know your audience on a more personal level, not just who they are but who they associate with, what they believe in, and what’s important to them. This is where understanding cultures and “tribes” comes into play.

Unlike ancient tribes, we are not necessarily born into geographically bound groups. We tend to select our own tribes, choosing the people with whom we like to spend our time. Discovering and learning the habits of your target’s tribes is important because tribe members talk to each other, share information about products and services, and make recommendations to one another. Getting to understand the habits of your target market is a key factor in helping to humanize your own brand. Do this by becoming a participant in other tribes, branching out so that you are more than just an outside observer. Take the time to talk with your customers, get to know them, their likes and dislikes, and
even observe their digital trail to get a better feel for who they are
as individuals.

Summing it Up
As humans we often make mistakes in how we approach certain situations or certain groups of people. This is common and is something from which we can learn and grow. Start testing the waters of your consumer base. Work on keeping your employees happy. Listen to what others have to say. Bring your brand down to the “human” level. Performing these tasks will help to establish a sense of trust and familiarity between you and those you wish to draw into your business. A process like this can often be a system of trial and error, but the more you try, the more you’ll learn, and the greater your success will be.

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