4 Basic Principles of a Great Website

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With the creativity and experience that is available today in generating websites, there is no reason to have a subpar website. As a direct reflection of a brand, why would anyone want a mediocre site when it could be outstanding? It is easy to improve your website by following a few basic principles:

1. Don’t overwhelm your viewers with too much information. Clearly illustrate what you want your viewer to focus on first, plus have supporting links and pages for extended viewing.

2. Apply best practices to your website. There are industry standards for visually creating and programming a website. For example, the logo should typically take a viewer back to the homepage from any of the secondary pages. There are dozens of best practices that should be applied to any website. Viewers only realize subliminally that these have been employed; they just recognize that the site is easy to maneuver.

3. Make it easy for your viewers to contact you. The main purpose of a website is to provide information about your company so the viewer can reach out to you if necessary. Including a company phone number is greatly appreciated.

4. Use Compelling Graphics. Attention-grabbing graphics break up space, allowing your textual content to stand out. A visually pleasing site will not only inspire more traffic, but viewers will be inclined to stay on your site longer.

In today’s society, your web presence can make or break your reputation before a potential client even speaks to you. Present a great first impression with a top-notch website. Our designers are well versed in the best practices for web design and have award-winning experience. Talk to our team if you would like to learn more about creating or improving your company’s website.


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