4 Simple Reasons Why You Should Be Using Infographics

Thanks to the Internet we have a never-ending supply of information and data. But in a fast-paced world in which our attention spans are very short (about 8 seconds, less than a goldfish), choosing to read an entire paragraph and retaining that information can be an issue. Here are four reasons why you should be utilizing infographics to display information.

  1. Makes it easy for your audience: Simply, infographics is short for “information graphics,” and they display data and analytics in a visually appealing way by utilizing color, graphics, iconography, charts, etc. By nature we retain visual information more quickly than textmaking it much easier for our brains to process.
  2. Benefits your brand and digital presence: Creating ownership of this content that lives on your website will benefit your SEO, and since it’s digital, it can be repurposed as needed giving it a longer lifespan. Due to the engaging nature of infographics, they’re commonly shared on social media as well.
  3. Provides scannable content: As previously mentioned, our time is limited and our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, making infographics even more appealing. An effective infographic is one that can be easily scanned so you can quickly find the information you’re looking for.
  4. Positions you as a leader: It does take time finding the data, creating enticing visuals and putting it all together in one pretty package. If executed properly, an infographic can display your company’s expertise on the subject matter, positioning you as an industry leader.

The most important thing to remember is the data you’re providing to the consumer is key. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the infographic is if it’s hard to follow or the font is too small. Make sure to provide your audience with the information they’re looking for along with an aesthetically pleasing design, and they’ll be engaged.

Don’t have the resources to design your own infographics? We’re here to create these visuals that will successfully translate information to your consumers.

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