There are many well-known rivalries between businesses in the marketing world. Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been in competition for decades. Other big rivals include Powerade vs. Gatorade, AT&T vs. Verizon, and Apple vs. Microsoft. All of these companies have mastered what it takes to successfully market against their competitors. In order to promote your product against similar ones out there, you must address the competition in a strategic way. Try using these tips to outplay your opponent on the marketing field.

1. Don’t be Too Negative
While it’s tempting to throw your competition under the bus to show why you’re better, make sure your comparison is not too negative. Instead, focus on the positive things that make your company better than others. By doing this, consumers will see you as a mature company that is secure in their ability to win. If you focus too much on the negative qualities of your competitors, consumers will associate your brand with negativity as well.

2. Don’t Mention Their Name
Comparing your company to competitors in order to show your better qualities is important, but make sure you don’t mention their name. Mentioning your competitors’ name in your marketing efforts increases brand awareness for them, even if you’re putting them down. Instead, when making comparisons, label the competition as “competitor 1” and “competitor 2.” This way you show consumers why you’re the better choice without letting them know the names of their other options.

3. Offer More
In order to beat out similar brands in your field, you must find a way to offer more. Find out what makes your product unique. If you have the lowest price, the best quality, or the fastest service, highlight it in your marketing copy. Consumers are always searching for the best valued product. Show consumers what you can exclusively offer them that your competitors can’t.

4. Promote Customer Loyalty
Making sure your current customers stay loyal is essential in beating out the competition. Loyal customers are extremely valuable. They will market your product for you by recommending it to others. These customers know why you’re better and why people should choose you. Excite them with perks and referral benefits in order to keep them around.

Marketing against your competitors can be a tricky business, however, with the right tactics, you can successfully show why your brand is superior without playing dirty. Here at Harmon Group, we’re experts at creating competitive marketing strategies. Do you need help outplaying your opponent? Contact us today.

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