4 Tips For Your Holiday Cards

Sending a holiday card is one of the most sincere ways to stay in touch with your client base, and it can be a great way to create goodwill towards your brand. But you have to be sure that you do it the right way, or it can backfire. Here are a few tips to help you with your season’s greetings.

Choose a Nice Card Stock
No one wants to open a flimsy, thin card that looks like it was bought at the last minute. Take some time to pick out a thick paper with a nice finish, and your message will mean that much more. Show your clients that you care about them enough to go that extra mile.

Handwrite the Address and Sign Your Name
Great ways to add a personal touch on any card is to write out who’s receiving it and finish the note with your own signature. Many clients will receive automated messages from various companies, but there’s no sense of personalization. When they see their own name on an envelope, and a personal sign off, they’ll know that they’re important.

Add a Personal Note for Those Special Clients
If you have a group of clients that have been longtime partners, or have been especially generous towards your business this year, insert a personalized, handwritten note just for them. They’ll see it’s in addition to your standard well wishes, and they’ll recognize how much you value their business. Thank them for being great partners to work with, and note that you look forward to an even better future together.

Make Sure You Aren’t Excluding Your Audience
There’s been much talk of the world getting too “politically correct,” but the holidays are a time for inclusion. If you know some of your recipients celebrate a different holiday than Christmas, don’t adorn your card with Santa and wreaths. Try to pick a design for your card that includes everyone, wishing them Happy Holidays or a Merry New Year. While most people won’t mind a specific holiday message, there’s no need to offend anyone if you can avoid it.

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