4 Tips to Improve Your Networking Skills

Effective networking skills can be one of your most important assets. It is the perfect way to create relationships that can help advance your business and brand. We have listed three tips to make networking seem easy and to help you become a better networker:

Be authentic: The core of networking is to build relationships. To create meaningful relationships, you must be authentic and genuine. Create relationships based on trust and see how you can help others.

Ask open-ended questions: Open-ended questions are questions that do not have a yes or no answer. These questions help start conversations and help people open up without feeling like they are being interviewed.

Ask for an introduction: Before attending a networking event, research who will be there. Identify prospects you would like to meet and find a common contact, perhaps the hosts of the event, and ask them to introduce you to that person. Being introduced by a common contact allows you to immediately make a connection with a new prospect and helps jumpstart the conversation.

Practice active listening: Remember to practice active listening when meeting new contacts at networking events. This shows your new contact that you are interested in what they have to say and allows you to identify topics of interest you may share, helping to strengthen your new relationship.

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