Did you know that 40% of consumers start their holiday shopping before Halloween, according to Constant Contact? Often overlooked, Halloween is the perfect time to catch these gift shoppers in the middle of their search!

With e-commerce sales on the rise, retailers are struggling now more than ever to get customers inside their brick and mortar businesses. How do you get them excited about shopping in-store before Black Friday? With the use of these five spooky marketing tactics, customers will be knocking down your door.

1. Spooky themed incentives
In-store shoppers love a nice discount that they didn’t see coming. After all, what’s better than a surprise discount? Try offering a register “peel and reveal” card where customers can pull an instant “discount if you dare” 10%-30% off a same-day purchase.

Or if you have an influx of holiday product, offer a gift with purchase such as “receive these limited edition pumpkin earrings with purchase of $75+.” No one will turn down a deal that they didn’t even see coming.

If you’re opting for something simple yet still spooky, offer a goodie bag handout to each customer all through the month of October with small candies or spooky surprises just to show your Halloween spirit!

2. Social Media Giveaways
Looking to increase your social media engagement? Looking for more likes and shares? A Halloween themed social media giveaway is the way to go. Odds are, your customers are on social media, and they love free stuff. Gift away a spooky product or coupon with the incentive “like our page and share this photo through October 31st, and we’ll randomly select a winner to come claim this prize!!” You get social engagement without sacrificing ROI, and your customers get a fun interaction with your company and maybe a free gift!

3. Email Flash Sales
Around any holiday, it’s important to be cohesive with your marketing creative. Make sure your email templates, in-store signage, radio spots, and social media posts are all themed around the same concept – Halloween. According to MarketingSherpa, about 20% of retail traffic comes from email marketing. Spookify your email template and offer a one or two day flash sale for a product you have too much of on hand or a product that speaks to the season! Make sure to show the email in-store in order to redeem the sale – more foot traffic!

4. Host a ‘Haunted’ Event
Got space? Opt for a “fall festival” of sorts around your retail business. Offer face painting, hay rides, corn maze, activities for children, and advertise on the radio and with outdoor signage, so people know when and where to go and what’s in store.

No room? Add fun Halloween cardboard installations, bring in an influencer of your trade to meet and greet with customers, host a costume contest, or turn your store into a haunted house of sorts!

5. Decorate Store / Employee Participation
By far the easiest tactic to show that your store is celebrating “the season” is to decorate! Create an experience for your customers by encouraging employees to dress up and act the part. Use decorations that reflect your business, and spookify the atmosphere for a great guest experience in your store!

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