5 Signs Your Social Media Needs Help

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We’ve all seen those social media profiles … you know the ones: set up with maybe four or five posts and then nothing for months on end. In today’s digital scene, it isn’t enough to simply have a social media presence, you must maintain it and do it well. Even some “maintained” profiles are a detriment to their brand. Here are five warning signs that your social media profiles need some help:

You Never Post
If the earlier scenario sounds familiar, get moving or get some help! It can be daunting to stay on top of posting, but regular interaction on social media is key. Commit to a regular schedule. It is okay if it deviates a little. Some weeks there is more post-worthy news to share, but keeping to the minimum schedule is going to give off the impression that your brand is up on digital trends and is actively working with customers
and clients.

You Post in Spurts
Posting all at once, one day a month, is almost as bad as never posting. Good job that you are actually logging in and posting, but the sporadic nature does not help your overall interaction reputation. Regular posts give the impression that your company is active and cares about interacting with your audience through this medium.

Your Posts are too Sales-y
When all of the posts you put out there are about sales, it can get old. Giving away a little content for the sake of gaining the respect of your audience is a worthwhile investment. Then, when your customers need your services or your product, they have a positive feeling associated with your brand.

You Never Respond to Comments
Good or bad, you want to acknowledge and respond accordingly to comments others post on your pages. This can do wonders to improve the loyalty and interaction with your brand. People like to know there are real people behind the profile icons!

You Don’t Check any Metrics on Your Accounts
Do you know how your accounts are going? Have they grown? Have they declined? When you regularly check the statistics of how your accounts are doing, you have a good benchmark to see how your efforts on social media are working.

If you find that you relate to any of these characteristics, you may want to evaluate your purpose and your vision for your social media accounts. In order to have a flourishing social media presence, you must make regular, quality efforts. For many business owners, this is a daunting task. Social media can change quickly and business owners already have a lot to handle. Contact us to start a conversation about how we can help you make your social media grow and flourish.

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