5 Steps to Becoming a Better Social Media Marketer

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We are all marketers. From the clothes we wear to the places we eat, we are constantly marketing ourselves and the brands we engage. With social media, that marketing rises to a whole new level because your audience is significantly larger than just those you interact with in face-to-face settings.

So how do you put social media to work for you?

If you are a company seeking to increase sales or an individual just looking for ways to leverage social media to build brand awareness, you can begin the process immediately.

Here are five steps you can take right now to become a better social media marketer.

Read About Social Media Marketing.
Shocker, right? Incredible books have been written that will help you understand how to shape social media marketing to fit your needs. To get started, try Seth Godin’s “Tribes,” Kelly Mooney’s “The Open Brand,” and Jay Conrad Levinson’s “Guerilla Social Media Marketing.”

Follow Social Media Marketing Sites.
There are some amazing sites that provide insight into social media such as SocialMediaToday.com and SocialMediaExaminer.com. Not only will you hear about social media best practices and trends from experts, you will also hear from people just like yourself.

Write Social Media Tips Down in Your Context.
As you begin to consume more and more information about social media marketing, write down what you’re learning in the context of your needs. For example, if a local real estate agency has had huge success with a social media campaign, how could that campaign be modified to fit your industry and product/service?

Meet with Social Media Marketers.
There are numerous sites out there that will help you find local groups to discuss blogging, social media, podcasts, technology, etc. Meetup.com is one of the largest but also consider attending relevant marketing conferences and meet up with like-minded individuals at those events.

Do the Research.
We have moved past the days where you are likely to be the first person in your industry to use social media. So do the research and find out what is working. Learn from the mistakes of others and use that information to inform your own social media marketing strategy.

We are consistently working with businesses to help them think strategically about how to use social media to create engagement and increase sales. Contact us to see how Harmon Group can help your brand engage in social media.

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