5 Tips for a Better Blog Post

Writing a blog post can seem like a daunting task, but there are some simple steps to help ease the pain.

  1. Planning This important step can be what takes your post from good to great. During your planning process, take an extra 10 minutes and create an outline. The goal is to have any and all research completed BEFORE you sit down to write. This will help gather your ideas, so you aren’t all over the place. In the long run, this step will save you time and creates a good writing habit.
  2. Headlines- A headline is the first thing your reader will see, and it’s the deciding factor if they will continue to read or skip over. You want to have a punchy and to-the-point headline that doesn’t give too much away. When writing a headline, you can either approach it by deciding your words before you write anything and use it to structure your whole post, or wait and decide the best headline after you finish. Either way, it forces you to think about the main message of your post and the best way to grab your audience’s attention.
  3. Introduction After the reader is intrigued by your thought-out headline, they will move on to the introduction. You don’t want your reader to lose interest as soon as they start, so keep it lively and build curiosity. Try and keep it short too, around 8 words or less. This sentence needs to be that hook that keeps the reader scrolling.
  4. Break up the text- A long post can seem intimidating to the reader. People don’t always have the time, will, or ability to read your 1,000 word blog post.  So make your post easy to digest. Try incorporating bullet points, numbered lists, or, especially, images. Images are a great way to add personality and humor to your post. They can also help the reader fully understand the point you are trying to get across, creating a visual representation of your words.
  5. The edits- After all the hours of planning and writing your story, you may feel like it’s done, but think again. You want to read over your post multiple times in your head, out loud, and even get a fresh set of eyes to look it over. When editing you aren’t just looking for grammatical errors and sentences that don’t mesh, but you want your post to be one cohesive masterpiece. When you read the story before clicking the publish button, you want every word to roll right off your tongue.

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