6 Principles of Relationships and Business

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Regardless of what field you’re in, what product or service you sell, or your physical location, you are in the business of relationships.


Quite simply, relationships build bridges that would not otherwise exist. The idea that you can stand on a platform with a megaphone and tell the masses what to believe was dead long before Seth Godin wrote “Flipping the Funnel.” Relationships are key because they establish value in the mind of the consumer that transcends a product or service.

In the advertising space, Fairfax Cone (also known as the father of modern advertising) said that “advertising is what you do when you can’t (afford to) go see somebody.” In his mind, there was no better tool for advertising than sitting across from someone, building rapport, and then sharing the value of a product or service. All other forms of advertising were merely substitutes for face-to-face relationship-building.

The beauty of this is that the rules of building relationships don’t radically change when you move from the face-to-face environment to other mediums. Consider these six relational truths that mean something when you seek to build relationships with your customers in any medium:

First impressions are lasting.
You only have a limited amount of time to say what you need to say.
If you say one thing but your behavior doesn’t line up, people will notice.
If you are the only one doing the talking, the relationship feels one-sided.
Always saying the same thing doesn’t build, it bores.
How you say something matters just as much as what you’re saying.

If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to stop removing people, personalities, and the principles or relationship-building from the equation and start winning friends and influencing people.

For some specific strategies you can employ to become more relational in your business, check out Entrepreneur’s article on 7 Relationship-Building Strategies for Your Business. Does your business have marketing or advertising needs right now? We would love to sit down and build a relationship with you.

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