Advertising Trends for 2016

2015 is on the way out, and with it a great year of creative advertising and marketing campaigns. We’re proud to say we’ve contributed to that ourselves, but now we want to look ahead. What will the New Year bring? Here are a few trends to plan around in 2016.

Speech Search Recognition
One of the fastest rising methods for online searching is using our own voice. Think of Siri, the popular assistant that comes on every new iPhone. Nowadays, people want to simply ask their phone for help, not type on a keyboard. Think of a potential customer driving through town, wondering where to buy a product like yours. Make sure your products and brand are searchable by voice recognition, so you don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Social media apps will rely heavily on mobile
Twitter, Instagram, and a host of other sites are as popular as ever to people looking for a social media fix, but what’s most interesting is the ever increasing dominance of mobile use. Just about everyone gets on these sites via a tablet or a phone. Just look at Facebook, who reported that 78% of all their third quarter ad revenue came from mobile placements. Make sure to think of how your ads can adapt to mobile users in 2016.

Digital will outpace traditional TV
Seems like everyone is cutting the cable cord in favor of Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and all sorts of other video streaming devices. That trend will continue next year and digital viewers will finally eclipse traditional cable subscribers. In fact, even in 2015, 80% of all TV ad spends included digital budgets, and are projected to reach a total of 69 billion in the new year. Don’t let this discourage you from creating a great video ad, just think of how it can relate to online viewers.

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