Alert the Press

When determining a marketing strategy, we and our clients always make sure to focus on the heavy hitters like print, radio, and social, but there’s another very important aspect that cannot be overlooked; the utilization of press releases. You may think there are not enough readers out there to justify crafting a press release for a new product or brand initiative, but the benefits are staggering.

It’s Not an Ad
It’s no secret that most people try to tune out advertising. They are bombarded with ads every minute of the day, and it can get to be a sensory overload. A press release offers many of the same benefits as an advertisement without appearing as intrusive in the reader’s life. If you create a press release to announce a new product, and feature it in a well-known publication, people will seek out engagement with you rather than have it thrust upon them.

It Lends Credibility
Press releases tend to have a more professional, relaxed tone to the writing compared to traditional advertisements, and a long form article instills a sense of confidence in your audience. You can establish yourself as an industry leader and expert with a well-written piece. Make sure you are introducing something that will get your audience and your colleagues talking. Whether it’s a new product or a shift in your business, you’ll appear ahead of the game if phrased correctly.

It’s Cost Effective
Finally, a press release is one of the least expensive forms of gaining brand awareness. While they cannot replace the impact of a compelling print ad, a press release featured in a publication is a fantastic complement to your marketing strategy for only a few hundred dollars. The awareness gained far exceeds any cost associated. Often, publications will package deals with media space and press releases, creating even more exposure. And you create an instant boost in your brand’s SEO presence. By including important keywords in your article, you’ll automatically be searchable in any publication’s site when your target looks online.

Writing the perfect press release is a delicate art, and that’s why Harmon Group is here to help. Our staff of writers have years of experience and an established relationship with many publications, ensuring you’ll receive a quality article, and almost guaranteed media placement.

If you want to know more about what we can do for your brand or business, contact us.