Blogging may have started as a way to write about your personal life and share it with the Internet, but over the last fifteen years, it’s evolved. The modern blog has become a primary marketing tool for companies in just about every industry. In fact, 79% of best-in-class marketers rank blogs as the most effective marketing tactic. In order to keep up with the competition and stay relevant, maintaining a company blog is now essential.

Writing a blog is a great way to start a discussion with your customers, potential customers, and peers. People thrive off useful information they find on the Internet, much of which is acquired through blogs. In fact, two out of three people read them several times a week. When you blog, you’re creating and sharing relevant and interesting content in a casual format, which allows you to show off a more personable side of your business. You become more relatable and inviting to new customers while also strengthening relationships with your existing ones.

A blog also serves as the fuel behind two powerful digital marketing strategies: SEO and social media. A well-maintained blog can increase your website’s SEO. By constantly posting fresh content that includes relevant keywords, your target audience will be able to find your company faster through Google.

Distributing blog posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest can grow the visibility of your business and drive traffic to your website. When you share your blog with members of your existing online communities, there’s the possibility that they’ll share it with their online communities, too. If your post is well-written, informative, and entertaining, it might even go viral, like this post from FI3M, a resource website for language learners. It’s had over 53,000 shares on Facebook alone.

Incorporating a blog into your marketing strategy is a great way to reach your customers and remain significant. Here at Harmon Group, we have digital marketing experts who can create a strategy that will help establish your company as a leader and expert within your industry. If you want to know more about what we can do for your brand or business, contact us.