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The social media age brought a new wave of lingo into the marketing world, and with it a new way to reach your target market. Between tweeting, pinning, liking, and blogging, social media’s new language is here to stay.

In the blogosphere, bloggers write about various topics for many reasons. According to Technorati Media’s reports, blogging is the top social media venue that influences consumer purchases. Since blogs have so much traction, it’s important to understand what they are, how marketers can use them, and how to integrate that information into your brand.

Blogs are essentially a “log” of journal entries. There are a number of great platforms through which anyone can create a blog for free, including Blogger and WordPress. Just like social media, blogging started as a means through which individuals could express their thoughts, opinions, and life stories. Anyone can blog about anything. However, blogging is just as important for the follower/reader as it is for the blogger himself. Typically, you can follow or subscribe to a blog or sign up for its RSS feed.

As blogs have become more prevalent, the number of viewers, advertising buttons, links, and spotlights has become more popular. The key to blogs is the real person behind the article. For example, if you read a blog post about green cleaning products and know that a genuine mom actually uses that cleaning product, this word-of-mouth reputation is invaluable.

Since blogs carry so much influence, there is a major opportunity for advertising campaigns. Blogs offer the chance to run an ad along the margin of the blog content with a direct link to your website. They often contain giveaways or sponsored posts where the blogger will give a review of your product or service. You can also cross-promote the reviewer’s blog or article on your own social media or ads. Since most bloggers are intimately involved in their projects, they value other’s interaction with their articles and blog. Reciprocating is a big part of social media, and bloggers are known for their team efforts.

The Harmon Group has embraced blogging, not only on our own website, but for our clients as well. Our team understands the impact that blogs can have for many of their clients. For example, Old Time Pottery’s, a home decor store, blogs are a perfect fit for the client. We started out by mentioning other bloggers’ ideas on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Direct links back to the blog itself are effective because Old Time Pottery customers get great ideas on how to use the merchandise along with easy tutorials and tips. We also advised Old Time Pottery to support some strategic blogs by placing ads on the blog itself. During wedding season, blog placement helped dramatically increase traffic to Old Time Pottery’s website with ad buttons on DIY wedding blogs.

A final push for Old Time Pottery includes launching its own blog. The newly released blog has helped drive traffic to Old Time Pottery’s website from their own social medias plus from the guest bloggers’ sites. By creating content, Old Time Pottery is now an established expert in home decor on a budget, which is their main client target. ( )

Blogs have great potential to increase brand awareness, establish expert reputations, and drive traffic to your website. Blogs have evolved over the last few years, just as all social media outlets have. However, blogs aren’t going anywhere.

If you want to reap the benefits of blogging but don’t know how, contact us. We would love to talk about how we can get you started.
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