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Boost Your Content’s Shareability in 3 Simple Steps

Creating shareable content is key for online marketing success. Because shareable content is a driving force for engagement online, marketers cannot afford to ignore it. Follow these three simple steps to immediately improve the shareability of your content online:

Make it easy to share: Place social buttons on all of your online content. Not only does this increase the ease of sharing, it also communicates to your audience that you want them to share your content. Make it as easy as possible for your audience to share your content to increase its shareability.

Make it visual: Posts with visuals are proven to have more engagement than other posts and are shared more often. Develop custom images for your content or incorporate compelling visuals into your content to encourage sharing. For content that is text-focused, consider applying it to a Slideshare to increase the shareability.

Consider your audience: When developing your content, keep your audience in mind. Write compelling content that your audience will want to read and want to share. Provide valuable content to your audience and create with shareability in mind.

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