Boosting Your Engagement

Social media plays an important role in any business’s marketing plan, but most people are so focused on increasing their likes or followers, they don’t realize they are concentrating on the wrong thing. People like or follow a company because their friends have or they are interested in the product, but more often than not people forget about the businesses and organizations they have liked, and never return to their page. Today, businesses need to be focused on the amount of engagement their social media is generating. The more people that are engaged with the company, the more times your posts are getting shared and retweeted. Here are three ways you can give a boost to your social media engagement:

  1. The 5/3/2 Rule– For every 10 posts 5 should be from others, 3 should be your own original content and 2 should be a personal status. This rule helps give the brand a personality, rather than being all business.
  2. Ask Questions- Asking questions opens the door for engagement. People want to share how they feel, but you have to remember to respond to the questions and show engagement.
  3. Choose a Picture or Video- It doesn’t have to be all business either. You can highlight different employees, post old pictures or ask your audience to share or add a caption to the pictures. Pictures will grab attention faster than an article and they are more likely to be shared over different platforms.

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