Dimensional Mailing as a Direct Marketing Tactic

The rise of digital marketing over the last decade has caused many businesses to assume that direct mail marketing is a thing of the past. However, even in today’s world of email and social media, direct mail still proves to be effective and more personal than its digital counterparts. In fact, 67% of people feel that receiving physical mail is more personal than electronic mail.

Not all direct mail is the same. There is a variety of options to choose from, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Dimensional mailing is a type of direct mail that has the potential to draw a considerable customer response. Compared to response rates for direct flat mail, dimensional mail can perform 200-300% better. Unlike a brochure or letter, it has heft to it. It can come in all shapes and sizes, from a tiny pop-up cube to a long telescopic tube. A successful dimensional mailer is engaging, attention-grabbing, and piques a receiver’s curiosity so that they’ll actually open the piece and read it.

When creating a dimensional mailing strategy for marketing your business, it’s important to plan ahead. This type of direct mail usually costs more than flat mail, so the first step is to compile a list of your target audience. Then narrow it down further to the most qualified leads, which will ensure that your money is spent on the right people.

After finalizing this list, you must determine your budget and decide what your cost per lead will be. Spending more money on each package will not necessarily guarantee a greater response rate. However, sending a solid message of what your company represents and personalizing that message to each recipient will go a long way. MSP, a direct marketing services company out of Pittsburgh, was hugely successful with their dimensional mailing campaign in which they sent metal mailboxes with personalized inserts to their top prospects. This campaign tied directly in with the company slogan, “How great ideas get mailed.” Making your dimensional mailer stand out is essential, but it’s also crucial that you make the message relevant.

If you have generated a unique idea and an appropriate message, your dimensional mailer is sure to catch attention. But following up with a personalized email or phone call should be part of your plan as well. The mailer serves as the first impression of your company, but the follow-up is how you make that impression last.

Here at Harmon Group, we can help with all your dimensional mailer needs. We can develop a creative mailer concept, design it, refine the message, and mail it out. We can even help with those important follow-ups.

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