Do People Care About Your Brand?

All too often, we see clients who are convinced that their brand will sell itself. Their product may be state of the art, competitively priced, and come from a trustworthy source, but there’s no guarantee it will sell.

Clients come to us because their messaging isn’t working. They don’t know how to get people to take action beyond listening. Look at Lean Cuisine, a brand that seems like an easy sell. Their message was—”low calorie, healthy, lose weight”—but consumers weren’t biting, and sales were stagnant. Lean Cuisine needed to tell a story to get a response. So they started a conversation with their target market through Twitter by asking people to tweet their accomplishments after losing weight. Sales started to increase because an emotional connection was created between the market and the Lean Cuisine brand.

We have a few tips to get people to care about a brand and its products:

1. Do your research
You might be confident that your product will immediately fly off the shelves. Take a step back and do your research. Who is your target market, and what’s important to them? If you have a new product, dig deep to understand who will buy it. Once you identify that group, learn their spending habits, their interests, and how and where they consume media. When you know your market, you have a better chance of getting a response from them.

2. Stay consistent
Apply that research and knowledge, but be consistent with your brand identity. If politicians speak about the importance of industry to a group of lumberjacks in the morning, then bemoan the destruction of natural resources to environmentalists that afternoon, they’ll get called out. Be consistent with your message—consumers will respect your more.

3. Tug at the heartstrings
Elicit an emotional response from your target market. Let your passion for your product shine through in your messaging. Consumers will notice and start to relate to what they’re hearing. A touching ad, Facebook post, or Twitter campaign can grab a person and cause them to seek you out.

Getting people to respond to your message is the goal for any brand. That’s why Harmon Group is here. Our business is to make people relate to and buy your product, so let’s get started.

If you want to know more about what we can do for your brand or business, contact us.

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