Effectively Use Testimonials to Drive Sales

Testimonials, reviews and comments from satisfied customers play a crucial role in communicating the benefits of your product to potential buyers, help build trust in your brand, and they overcome consumer skepticism. With the increasing amount of information available to consumers about products and brands, a positive review or testimonial can be the deciding factor in a consumer’s purchase decision. We have outlined the following ways to help you collect testimonials from your customers to use throughout your marketing strategy:

Collect testimonials: Before you can start using testimonials to drive sales, you need to gather them. A few ways to do this include simply asking your customers if they would like to submit a testimonial about your brand, putting a page on your website to encourage people to give feedback, or having one of your team members follow up with customers to see how they feel about a recent purchase.

Incorporate testimonials into your website: Make positive testimonials a point of interest on your website. Websites are often the first point of contact between a consumer and a brand so making your testimonials highly visible will immediately communicate the benefits of your product to potential customers.

Utilize a variety of testimonials: There are different kinds of testimonials. Those from past consumers have the most impact and are more trusted by other consumers, however other types of testimonials should not be ignored. Celebrity endorsements can help to rapidly increase awareness for your brand to a new consumer base and testimonials from an expert organization, like a trade association, can help give your brand credibility.

Effectively using testimonials requires collecting ones that are filled with benefits, choosing ones that substantiate your claims, and using testimonials from a relatable source. Remember to ask permission from your customers before displaying their testimonials and never make up a testimonial – this will lead to distrust and will negatively impact your brand’s reputation.

Interested in using testimonials to drive sales for your brand? The Harmon Group has the tools and the team to collect effective testimonials and to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

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