Establishing Your Voice

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Establishing your voice is all about determining who you are, with whom you’re communicating, and how you want them to feel about your company. Each of these factors plays an equal role in delivering your messages effectively. Content that communicates well builds brand recognition and rapport.

1. Who Are You? – A 70-year old estate planning law firm in New England will not have the same personality, values, and style as an Austin-based marketing firm with a focus on social media. The law firm, which, most likely will want to uphold a buttoned-up, professional reputation, may not necessarily want to incorporate humor in its content. This may undermine its character, whereas the marketing firm may actually benefit from showing such lightheartedness. To determine how you want to portray your company, answer these questions:

· What does your company do?

· What’s your company’s mission?

· What is your company’s personality?

2. Who Are They? – How one talks to a toddler varies greatly from communication with a Fortune 500 exec. Everything from word choice to idea complexity changes when the audience changes. If you want to make your messages more impactful, you have to write from the point of view of your readers. To do this, determine the following:

· What are your ideal customers like?

· What do they read?

· What is their education level?

· Why do they use your services or products?

3. What Do You Want Them to Remember? – If two women are talking over lunch, and one mentions a blog post or website copy she read, what do you want her to say? Do you want her to mention how cute it was? Would you rather she said it was informative? Creative? Figuring out exactly what you want your target audience to take away from the conversation will help you determine what kind of vocabulary and personality to use. Here’s a good question to ask yourself:

· If they had to convey your company in no more than five words, what would they say?

The key, when defining your voice, is figuring out a way to make it an extension of your brand personality and objectives.

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