Fashion Forecast: Heavy Metal Hardware

Fashion is an ever-evolving link in the zeitgeist of tomorrow, working as a mirror to reflect what’s happening now, what happened previously, and foreshadowing what’s to come. We’ve all weathered a rough storm, and 2021 is beginning to look a little brighter. 

We’re slowly starting to forgo leggings for something with a little more structure as we peek our heads out of our proverbial groundhog holes. And with that, we are seeing an uptick in luxury trends that extends well into the realm of jewelry and accessories. Whether or not your tastes fall on the classic or contemporary end of the spectrum, this season’s heavy hitters on the trend front are sure to cure your thrust for something not-so-casual. 

For 2021, it’s oversized chains that are making a strong mark on fashion this season. Heavy gold chains, with necklaces and bracelets, oversized hoops, and even chunky band rings hone a 1980s-inspired vibe that reflects the extremism of the decade’s embrace of excess, counter-balancing the year of minimalism that we’ve all just experienced. Pair chunky gold chain necklaces with the menswear inspired styles of oversized jackets and boyfriend-cut denim that are popping up on summer and fall runways. 

Chain bracelets + menswear.


Bold chain jewelry is also the perfect luxurious counter balance to sportswear like oversized tees and hoodies, or even combined with crop tops and track pants as we’ve seen play out in celebrity street style through the spring. Or break out some oversized hoops to pair with a sweet floral dress to instantly update a girly silhouette this season. However you choose to rock this bold trend, it’s the perfect way to a chic statement on your journey out of fashion quarantine. 

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