Focus Up

Introducing a new brand or product can be an intimidating experience. You’ve poured hours of work into it, but aren’t sure how your audience will respond. That’s why careful research must be incorporated before you spend money on a big launch. One way to gauge interest is through a focus group.

A focus group is a small gathering, usually of 6-10 people, where a moderator presents and starts a discussion on a new brand, product, advertising campaign, or any other marketing initiative. It acts as an open forum to gather people’s opinions, reactions, and immediate thoughts. Assembling a focus group before launching a product or brand offers numerous benefits to your company.

Gauge consumer reaction
This is the most obvious advantage of focus groups. You get a hands-on, intimate overview of how a typical person perceives your brand. You can record the group and take extensive notes to learn new information on what people really think.

Get personal
Unlike an online survey, which is another popular consumer research option, a focus group facilitates conversation. If a participant says they don’t like something, the moderator can delve deeper and ask what specifically turns them off. This allows you to gain insights that you may not have previously considered. Quantitative data has many benefits when examining large trends, but the qualitative data gained from a focus group offers broader and deeper perspectives.

Save your money
Focus groups aren’t just great for the information you gain—they’re also one of the most cost effective ways to perform research. All you need is a conference room with a few chairs and gift cards for the participants, who can easily be found online. Large-scale surveys can cost thousands of dollars, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the personal response that a focus group offers.

Need help testing your new product, brand, or marketing campaign with an audience? Harmon is here to help. We can gather focus group participants, craft the questions, moderate the discussion, and analyze the research to make sure you have the best possible launch.

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