Getting Connected With the Consumer

What a paradox is our modernized world. Everything is a click, a post, or a snap away, yet we are still distant from one another. Many companies are overloading consumers with information. Those same firms spend more time talking to targets rather than interacting with them. Fortunately, marketing is shifting; there’s a new focus on continued customer engagement to build personal and enduring relationships with consumers.

This focus shift is known as “engagement marketing.” It includes directly engaging consumers and inviting them to participate in the evolution of the brand.

Look at a company like Lenovo. By observing and researching consumer conversations and opinions online, Lenovo discovered new customer trends for laptop styles and colors before their competitors. By listening to their customers’ wants, Lenovo knew precisely how to move forward with their product development, and as a result, their customers are getting better and more relevant products. There has been a complete shift in their marketing strategy; it now focuses on the consumer rather than on the product. The result has been a boost in sales and more involved customers.

The purpose of engagement marketing is to create a bond and a memorable experience between the consumer and the brand. Just like Lenovo, you can find what connects you to your audience. Relating to a customer creates a lasting impression and it speaks volumes about your firm. It takes more than simply having a great product to win and keep customers.

Here at Harmon, we have mastered customer relations. We know that relationships are important. So contact us today; we can show you how to get engaged with your customers and make them lifelong advocates.

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