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Google+ Hangouts: Why Your Company Should Use Them!

Online video conferencing is becoming a more popular way to connect with audiences and Google+ has developed a tool to help users connect privately or publicly for group conversations: the Google Hangout. The Google Hangouts are still relatively new and businesses are still trying to determine if they are a useful resource.

There are two different types of Google Hangouts: Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. A Hangout is typically used for a smaller group of people. It is private and not publically broadcast on YouTube, only visible to those who are invited to the Hangout. A Hangout on Air is used to broadcast messages to large audiences. They are automatically recorded to your YouTube channel, making them publically viewable and up to 10 people can be in the Hangout at one time.

So, why should your business take advantage of this online conferencing tool? We have identified the following reasons for you to use Google Hangouts:

They’re free! Unlike other video tools, Hangouts are completely free to use. They are a great alternative to hosting expensive webinars and you still have the ability to reach large audiences.

Improved SEO: Google has made it clear that participating on their platform will improve your SEO rankings. The same rings true when using Google Hangouts. Taking advantage of Google Hangouts will improve your searchability and overall search engine rankings.

Easy to Use: Google+ has made Google Hangouts easy and fun to use. Google Hangouts are browser based so almost anyone can participate. They are extremely intuitive, increasing the ease of use. The YouTube integration with the platform also contributes to their looking great online, while increasing the audience base for the Hangouts on Air.

Using Hangouts are a great way to communicate internally if all team members cannot make it to meetings and Hangouts on Air are ideal for easily broadcasting webinars or other presentations to larger audiences. Remember to practice before going live to ensure everything runs smoothly while on air!

Having trouble determining how you can take advantage of Google Hangouts for your business? No problem! We can identify topics for Hangouts on Air that suit your business or can help your business integrate Hangouts for internal communication. Contact us today to get started!

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