Google’s Phantom Update: What to Know Now

In April of this year, Google introduced its mobile-friendly update to the world. Word of this update spread early enough that most businesses had time to react and update their websites to fit the new algorithm. Then Google released its latest update – the Phantom Update – with no warning of the algorithm change. Since there was no time to update websites in advance, many businesses are scrambling to update their websites. Here is what you need to know about this update:

It’s all about content: This new algorithm change is all about content. Websites that provide the most valuable content to the searcher will show up higher in search results over websites that have thin content. Quality content should be your main priority now to help improve your Google ranking.

Be consistent: Consistently posting high quality content on your site shows Google that you are a reputable source of information. This increases your trustworthiness and gets the information on your website indexed by Google faster. The faster your information is indexed, the quicker it will show up in search results. Your website will show up higher in the search results depending on how reputable Google views your site to be.

While Google has yet to officially comment on the update, it is clear that Phantom is having a significant impact on websites. Use this Google Penalty Checker to see if your website needs to be changed to meet all of the new regulations from the Phantom update:

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