Harmon Catalog

Special Delivery: Targeted Catalog Campaigns Draw Attendees to Exclusive Events and Increases Holiday Shopping Traffic

Make My Wish Come True
What do jewelry retailers across the country want every Christmas? For December to be their best month, and make enough in sales to make up for any drops during the other three quarters of the year.
It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like the Shopping Season
Holiday marketing needs to accomplish three things to help retailers reach their holiday wish: Target the proper clientele, make an impression, and create a reason for shoppers to come in and purchase.
Year after year, retailers continue to create and mail catalogs through our Harmon Catalog division to effectively build holiday sales. They’ve found that mailing a catalog consistently every fall builds shopping anticipation with their customers, and that our process is affordable and efficient.
We create beautiful printed pieces that best display retailers’ stores and convey the message they want. They select from hundreds of covers and built and branded pages that reflect their showcases. And because we recommend including a reason to drive customers in to shop, many retailers also include exclusive holiday event invitations and limited-time gift certificates.
Events—and Catalogs—to Remember
Catalogs are mailed off to targeted lists with enough time for customers to flip through them, circle their favorite products, fill out their “wish lists,” and add events to their calendars. Events are attended, (ranging from house designer trunk shows to mens’ nights), gifts are purchased,” and thanks to the power of catalogs, customer traffic increases during the holidays.