Harness the Hashtag

Hashtags are powerful tools used to identify messages about specific topics. Not only do hashtags increase the virality of the content you put online, they can make your content easily stand out to followers, thus increasing engagement. Branded hashtags are now being used to drive conversation while building brand recognition and loyalty. Below are a few tips to create successful hashtags:

Keep it simple: Hashtags that are simple, consistent, and easy to understand perform better than more complex ones. Simplicity effectively communicates the purpose of your message quickly to your audience and increases virality.

Be creative: When developing branded hashtags, be creative. Make your hashtags attention grabbing and compelling to your audience.

Less is more: When using hashtags in a post, remember less is more. Studies have shown that posts with 1-2 hashtags perform better than posts that have more. Using less hashtags will increase the engagement of your posts.

Monitor: Monitoring hashtags will show you what is trending and what people are engaging with online. Keeping up with trending hashtags will open opportunities for your company to join the conversation online if the topic is relevant to your brand. Creating a branded hashtag specifically for your company? Track your hashtags through hashtag analytics tools. Hash Tracking, Keyhole, and TWUBS all provide detailed analytics based on the specific hashtags you want to track.

Find keywords that have the potential to go viral and help your brand and use those terms as hashtags. Keep your hashtags relevant and utilize them as a tool to reach new audiences and facilitate increased communication. Incorporate hashtags into your online marketing strategy to increase your company’s brand recognition and loyalty.

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