Making an Advertising Campaign Work Well for You

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Advertising campaigns have the potential to expand your brand’s reach by incredible measures! However, many business owners get excited about doing them, but not really doing them well. Many get excited about getting their information out to the world, but fail to plan a campaign upfront in an effective way. The expertise and insight that advertising agencies possess is so important to help plan out a campaign and track the effectiveness of that campaign. Here are just a few key factors to planning any marketing campaign:

Know Your Audience – Before you set out in any advertising or marketing campaign, you need to take some time to investigate what your target audience needs to be and who they are. This may involve intense market research or researching past campaigns to know what your focus for your current campaign needs to be.

Know Your Competitors – Not only is it important to know your target audience, but it is important to understand your competitors. Know what they are doing and what is grabbing the attention of their customers and clients. Being aware of the competition is a huge piece of the puzzle.

Establish Consistency – Any campaign you pursue needs to have a consistent message and be consistent with the brand’s tone and message. Consumers are bombarded with so many messages in today’s society. When they see your brand, they need to be able to easily associate that experience with previous and future experiences with your brand.

Know What Your Campaign Has The Capacity To Do & What Your Limits Are – An Email marketing campaign is going to attract a slightly different pool of customers/clients as a mail marketing campaign. If you attract your campaign toward an older demographic, you cannot expect a large young turnout. Also, understanding what the logistical limitations are is so important to your campaigns. Make sure you are researching the nuances of the different advertising medias. The expertise of a team like us at The Harmon Group is invaluable with our expertise in past and current campaigns in a wide variety of medias.

Track Your Progress – When you know how well your marketing campaign is doing, you will know how to plan for future campaigns. Make sure that you know what is measurable and what is not. Much of advertising and marketing is emotional, and therefore is difficult to measure. However, there are clear metrics that you can track to understand the return on investment.

With a little bit of expertise and some planning, your next marketing campaign can bring your brand great results. Want to know more about how to improve your next advertising campaign? Contact our office: (615) 256-3393.


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