We put your products in the homes of the most
valuable jewelry shoppers throughout the holiday season
and your retailers pay you to do it.


The Harmon Holiday Social Media Program

This year, consumers are glued to their screens and are ready to engage with positive content. Take the opportunity to support your retailers with a professional social media marketing program. You’ll look like a hero, and from Thanksgiving to Christmas, your retailers will actually pay to promote your products to every jewelry shopper in their market.

This program will:

  • Sell more merchandise through your retail accounts at no cost to you
  • Put state-of-the-art videos of your products in front of thousands of jewelry shoppers and drive shoppers into your accounts’ stores
  • Build your brand awareness with serious jewelry shoppers
  • And you don’t have to think about it; everything is done for you and your retailers
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All is merry and bright. 🌟
This sparkling two-toned diamond ring can be styled as a wedding band, anniversary band, or even a right-hand ring. How would you wear it?
Now through Christmas Eve, mention this ad at time of purchase and receive a special price on this or any of our other featured jewelry.

This program is amazingly successful. But don't take our word for it.

The Victor Corporation participated in our Holiday Social Media Program. Approximately 80 of their retailers signed up, and for three weeks leading up to Christmas 2019, thousands of jewelry shoppers in their markets engaged with Victor products on Facebook and Instagram, and went into stores to buy. Victor and their retailers were required to do very little; once they bought into the program, we handled everything.

The program included unique assets that retailers could not get from Victor otherwise. Victor sent their best-selling products for Harmon to photograph and film. We created nine engaging environmental product images and short videos that we knew would perform well on social media. Each image or video was paired with targeted copy that would appeal to jewelry shoppers.

Using geo-targeting and paid advertising (that the retailers paid for), we posted and boosted the images and videos through each retailer’s Facebook and Instagram channel three times a week for three weeks leading up to the 2019 holiday season. We targeted each post toward shoppers interested in fine jewelry and living in the retailer’s market, and included other demographic factors depending on the product being featured.

From the unique images and videos, to the engaging copy, to the carefully selected target audience; each element made it possible to drive traffic into all eighty stores and encourage shoppers to buy Victor jewelry for the holidays. It was so successful, the Victor Corporation will be running the program again for the 2020 holiday season.

Leave the work to us.

We create high quality content that’s engaging and connects with jewelry shoppers. We understand how to target your retailers’ markets, and how much advertising money to spend on social media.

We provide you with everything you need to easily sell this program to your retailers, including solicitation materials for your sales reps to use. And though we handle the entire program from beginning to end, we share an Excel document with you, allowing you to keep track every step of the way.

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Peace of mind.

Because we’re in marketing rather than the jewelry business, we want to give you and your retailers assurance. We sign and submit a nondisclosure agreement to each retailer, stating that no retailer/customer communication will be shared. This provides your retailers peace of mind, and makes them comfortable working with us.

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Pretty in pink.
Being gifted this stunning pear-shaped pink sapphire ring will make anyone holly jolly! Don’t forget–through Christmas Eve, mention this ad and receive a special price on this ring or any of our other featured jewelry.

An unheard of price

You pay a minimal cost for the creation of nine complex product videos and descriptive copywriting (and you get to keep these videos after the program is over to use however you like). Your retailers will be the ones who pay to actually promote your products on social media.

How It Works

You select the product you want to feature and Harmon creates nine complex product videos. We develop descriptive copywriting, written to accompany each video and intended to target a specific audience.

Throughout the holiday season, your products are shown to all the jewelry shoppers in your retailers’ markets. That’s because we don’t just post the videos and copy on Facebook and Instagram–we boost them. The precise targeting parameters, schedule, and advertising dollars that we set ensure your products are seen by everyone interested in fine jewelry who lives in a certain radius from the stores, not just a store’s current social following. It’s an extremely effective way to reach the right shoppers and drive them to buy.

From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, we’ll post and boost the nine complex product videos and copy directly through participating retailers Facebook and/or Instagram accounts. Retailers will pay for the boosting fee to promote your products, which goes directly to Facebook. We will handle every detail of the program, from contacting the retailer for access to their social media feed, to sending them a content calendar, to selecting the target audience for each post. And in January, we will send you performance analytics for each retailer.

Ring in the New Year with increased sales and happy retailers!

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity. When you sign up, you’ll expose thousands of new jewelry shoppers to your products during the holiday season, and you’ll be a hero to your retailers, all while spending a minimum of time and money.

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