How Can You Humanize Your Company?

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The explosion of social media and rapid expansion of technology have ushered in one of the most drastic lifestyle changes since the Industrial Revolution. Nearly every aspect of our cultural existence has transformed, including the why, what, when, where, and how of our receiving and sharing information. This change begets more change, rendering the days of brick-and-mortar companies a distant memory for some, and a historical bedtime story for others.

No longer is marketing about selling your products. Any company with this mission still above its door will soon find itself without a place to hang that sign. Today’s industries are built on hash tags, blog posts, and a willingness to converse. Now, more than ever, businesses have to find ways to incorporate fluidity and adaptability into their business models.

In his book, The Icarus Deception, marketing guru Seth Godin underscores the transformation of our culture from one of industry to one of connection. “The value we create is directly related to how much valuable information we can produce, how much trust we can earn, and how often we innovate. In the industrial economy, the stuff we made (literally the stuff—widgets, devices, and O-rings) comprised the best assets we could build. Fortunes belonged to men who built railroads, light bulbs, and buildings. Today we’re seeking something apart from that sort of productivity.”

Pared down to the very basic elements, the modern business industry is about sharing the humanity of your organization. Gone are the fences separating business from the rest of the community. People want more interaction than a monetary transaction, and if they don’t get it, they’ll go somewhere where they can be part of the conversation.

But simply posting a few tweets and running contests on your Facebook page isn’t enough to draw a following. To make even the slightest impact, you have to put a personality behind your company. You have to humanize.

So how do you go about that? In the next few posts, we will discuss how to:

  1. Make Your Company A Community
  2. Establish A Voice
  3. Stop Talking and Start Connecting
  4. Inspire Others to Action.

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